The last owner of my 968 trashed the clock housing to install an after market radio. .d like to get a replacement but can't find one. Any ideas?



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Pelican Parts 968 forums parts for sale . Someone has 2 center consoles for sale.
Thanks Ken, I was hoping to get just the clock housing insert, not the whole console.
Guess I should read a bit more thoroughly before answering.

I am in New Zealand and recently got a 968, the clear clock cover face is actually cracked, but I don't actually need the actual cubby as are now using a 944 one which does not have teh clock instead.. ie so now Clubsport style ; )

Let me know if you're interested or have found one in USA.

Yes, I'm interested. Let's make sure we're talking aboout the same piece. The part I need houses the clock on the right and a small cubby on the left.
It's a single piece and slides into the consule.
My clock face is craked also. Must be a comon problem.
Attached is a photo. If it did't come out let me know and I'll try again.

Hi Allan

Yep that is the piece. Happy to send over, and assuming you receive ok we can sort out from there? BTW, have only just joined.. am I able to email you through this site or do I have to write up my email on this forum? (I Haven't actually check whether one can or cannot btw).



I can be reached at: 1skyhawks@aol.com. I think it would be better if we "sort out" before you send over. Whaare your terms?





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