Good day and thank you for reading my post.  I am looking at purchasing a 1994 968 Cabriolet.  It has 109,000 miles.  The car is a 6 speed.  The top is in good shape, there appears to be no fluid leaks in the engine and the air conditioning is cold.  The interor is shows normal wear and there is a small tear in the drivers seat on a seam.  The front bumper is missing paint on a 2 inch by 3 inch area.  The car was in an accident and sustained some minor front end damage in 2005 which shows on the carfax and was disclosed by the owner.  It appears the two front quarter panels were replaced and the car repainted at that time.  The car drives well and the engine seems strong, I have not taken it to a mechanic yet to be inspected, but am planning on it if the price negotiations go further.

The current owner bought the car in 2011 from a dealer in Florida - there were no maintenance records at that time.  He has changed the oil twice since purchasing it - he has the receipts.

Are there any specific things I should be looking for with the car?  Is there anything I can tell by the VIN?  Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.  He is asking $6,000 for the car.

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I would def. have it carefully inspected before buying. Especially one that has been wrecked.
If both fenders were replaced, then it is likely the whole front end was damaged.
TheVIN will tell you a little about the car. Jeff has a database of 968's. See if you can contact him. The option code tag should be in the trunk under the carpet.
The price alone should raise a red flag.

Thanks Ken.  It turns out the car had a salvage title in 2005.  It had a regular title in Florida when he bought it in 2011 and a regular title in Maryland now.





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