Replacing my 110K mile 1988 944 with a 100K 1995 968 cab.

The 968 has a very stiff clutch that catches up at the top. Pedal not smooth when moving in and out. Though it still grabs aggressively, I'm thinking it's a sign it's on last legs. From the stiffness, I assume it was not an OEM. Read somewhere that a very stiff aftermarket clutch may cause metal fatigue at the the firewall attachment. Are these these assumptions reasonable. Want some knowledge before I take the car in.

Also, where am I most likely to find small non wear parts like the cab's locking arm/cam that attaches to the windshield. Calls to many of the usual suspects have not been fruitful.

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No responses on the clutch but I solved the problem of the cab's locking cam that grabs the windshield frame. They are available on eBay - cost me $120 for left and right - used.

Problem now is the top has been down for a very long time and has shrunk so it won't go far enough forward to catch. Need some stretching ideas. I'll post that issue separately and maybe on the 944 forums.


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