For those of you missing the original 968 manual I have good news. I will be scanning one in a PDF file shortly for all of you to download. Don't pay to buy one on E-Bay or anywhere else. It will be free here. Just shoot me an email and I will give you a link. Should be ready by 12/1/15. Just for the records. YOU MUST BE A 968.net MEMBER TO RECEIVE THIS and listed on the membership page.


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The complete 968 original manual is now available. If you would like a download link shoot me an e-mail.


Wonderful. I sure could use one. My email is reederwf@aol.com

Thanks so much.


The one that comes in the car glove box...? or the big repair one from Haynes or  Chilton etc?

Dont mind if I do...thank you.

Just the "glove box" manual which you should have by now.

Careful with the info on how to lower the soft top manually...but you might already know. Otherwise I can explain





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