I'm looking for a simple bolt in half roll bar: I would prefer NOT to drill holes because there are some there already from a past cage and I don't want a swiss cheese floor any more than I already have.


If you have one for sale, email me at smith.richard839@gmail.com

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I think I may have just what you're looking for - I have a very nicely designed bolt-in four-point roll bar and harness bar that I'd like to sell, because my track car project is morphing into more that I had originally set out for, and my needs would be better served by a full six-point weld-in cage.  So, my bolt-in roll bar is for sale.  I think it's the nicest bolt-in bar available for these cars.  The details on the bar can be found at www.design1racing.com.  Shoot me an IM if you're interested.  You have to request that we become "friends" first, which I'll promptly accept.  Thanks.

How much are you looking for and where are you located?

Well, the brace has never been used, and they're not being made any more, so I'd like to recoup about $700 out of it to put toward a weld-in brace.  Send me an IM, and we can work out the details.    

Oh, and it's actually a "six-point" design, in that it attaches to four points on the floor via some cleverly-designed "feet", plus two attachment points near where the shoulder belts mount.  And as I said, I also have the harness bar that bolts horizontally across the hoop.  Thanks.


I am still interested though to be honest, I'm driving my car from Washington state to Ontario, Canada next week.

I could not buy it until after that. btw, where are you located?
email me at smith.richard839@gmail.com

I can send you a deposit once I'm back with me car





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