I had an opportunity to test drive a base model Cayman a few days ago. I think the 968 compares very favorably with the Cayman. In fact, I thought the stock base Cayman was a little gutless compared to my car. Ride quality was very very similar. Road noise was about equal in both cars. Clearly, the sound system is vastly improved, and the seats in the Cayman were a little more comfortable, but not dramatically so. Overall, the test drive convinced me that the 968 in some ways is as good as or better than the Cayman in many important ways. I am very happy with my 968 and find it looks great and nearly timeless. People have actually asked if I am driving a new model Porsche, which feels great.

On another note, a radiator hose ruptured, and I took the car in for a quick repair. The guys also discovered a plastic valve that was badly corroded that was inserted into one end of the upper radiator hose on the driver side. They fixed that as well. Interestingly, I had been having temperature fluctuations when driving around town. That has completely disappeared with the repair of that valve, and the temp is solidly below the first line on the gauge in all conditions so far. Knock on wood it will stay that way.


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 Monte, would that have been the heater control valve? Never mind, I saw it was on drivers side, what valve was that?

Good question. I'll look at the parts diagram and let you know. It was described as almost looking like a petcock valve.

I was really happy with the tezt drive of theCayman to learn how well our 968s hold up to the newer cars.




I looked at some of the parts diagrams. There's a kind of nipple fitting that goes into the radiator at that side. I am thinking that is what they may have been talking about. The bill for all of the work was $272 and for the hoses was $77.50. That seems like a lot for just one hose. I'm going to look at the radiator and see if they replaced any other hoses on there.

I've been too lazy. I think at these prices, I better do the replacing on stuff like hoses. Ouch.


 Yeah, so far, the only outsourced work I have had done is a 4 wheel alignment, as I have seen how to do it at home, but would rather let pros do that.

Recently replaced several hoses on the 951. probably should start collecting the rest for it and the 2 968's.

I normally go through Autohaus Az., unless I can find the same quality for less.

Ken, I don't know how I missed this reply. Sorry. I like autohaus Az, too. By the way, as a result of the earlier repair I am noticing that the fine stays on the niter time the car is running. You yjink the temp sensor may have gone bad? I do like the fact it really stays nice and cool, though. ;-)
Monte look at your post, not sure what you were writing.

That's hilarious. <G> I was using a tablet. Such are the tribulations of using a tablet and not checking what you typed because it all looked so good.


I like Autohaus AZ, too. It's a great company, and their prices are reasonable. I have noticed that the fan stays on all the time on the car since the repair, while the car is running. I am wondering if the temp sensor may have gone bad. The fact the fan stays on all the time definitely keeps the engine running cool all the time, though. <G>


Sorry about that previous message. Autocorrect is funny as heck. <G>

 I would look to make sure the wire is hooked up. Not sure if a disconnected wire would make it run all the time, or not at all.

If the temp switch did go bad, that would suck after just having the rad. drained and having to do it again.

Thanks Ken. I will let ya know what it turns out being.

Yeah! 968 is back up and running! ;-)

I had the EXACT same response when i test drove the cayman when it was new... felt gutless and in stock form just didn't feel as planted as my (at the time) very lightly modified 968. All it did was solidify my happiness with the 968. Top Gear helped too. I didn't want to be in the "middle of the range". Im happy with my bottom of the range 968, Thanks! :)



You are welcome and thanks for your comments, too. I think we have greeeeat cars. ;-) I noticed your "at the time" comment. What have you done to modify your great car?

Actually not all that much but it works for me! Ive got headers, aftermarket chip designed to work with the headers, airbox mod, 17" cup 1's, koni shocks, sport seats, 993RS steering wheel, rear seat delete, RS style carpeting, RS style door panels, 964 turbo S brake ducts/fog lights, Euro turn signals, stainless exhaust, hi flow cat, and then a bunch of stuff that was needed to bring the car back up to snuff including leather shift boot, all new suspension rubber including ball joints etc... Still needs a decent respray, and i wouldn't mind a crack free dash but as it sits, its a great all 'round driver.




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