Hey there! Does anybody have (or know of) a Porsche diagnostic tester #9288 (hammer), for rent, loan, or sale? And are they worthy?

Thanks in advance for any support regarding this.



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I have heard of private parties owning these, whom I'm not sure. They are on the forums for sure. Try 968forums.

There is a company called durametric that has a diag. tool for the 968. I think they advertise in Panarama.

I would like to get one (Durametric) for myself one day.

There's a company in Bend, OR that sells software and a cable the connects to the computer to handle this. The company is call Durametric at www.durametric.com. The price is pretty reasonable and you can reset most of the codes, etc. I am considering buying one for my car.

Good luck.






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