Lets start rebuilding the tech database, shall we?  Here's something I posted not long ago on Reutterwerk and Rennlist.



1) Start the car and then pull the fuel pump fuse. The car will die and it will depressurize the fuel system a bit so you don't shoot fuel all over the place, when you pull the cap to drain the rail.

2) Pull the ground off the battery. Saftey precaution only, but sparks and gas are a bad mix.

3) Using a 4mm allen head socket/wrench, pull the four bolts that hold the cover over the injector. On the intake side, be sure to catch the spacers, seems like I drop one *every* time I do this. lol Also, on the valve cover side, the rubber absorber mounts are rather frail, so wrench carefully or plan ahead and get two new ones.

4) Pop the black plastic cover off the fuel rail. Be careful not to break the tabs off. Push it off toward the valve cover.

5) Optional: Undo the fuel lines at the back of the rail/fpr using a 17mm and 19mm wrenches. Its not necessary but it does make it a bit easier to pull the rail up and ensures that the fuel system is completely depressurized. If you are completely pulling the rail, also disconnect the vac line on the fpr. You will also need to clip the black nylon tie wraps to separate the injector wiring harness and the variocam harness from the rail.

6) Disconnect the injector wiring harness from the four injectors. Um, if I have to explain how this is done, you probably shouldn't be attempting this, but to be thorough, push in (and hold) on the wire retaining clips and then pull the connector off.

7) Remove the four bolts that hold the fuel rail down (10mm heads)

8) Pull the fuel rail straight up firmly, and it should come free.

9) Pop off the retaining clips from the injectors at the rail. Injectors are then free.

10) Installation, as they say, is reverse of removal. Coat the injector seals/caps with ATF fluid so that they have a lubricant on them when you reinsert them.

Helpful hint... don't go crazy retightening the bolts that hold on the fuel rail, they strip easily enough.

MANDATORY: After servicing your fuel system, start the car before you put the cover back on and inspect for fuel leaks! Any sign of a leak, turn the car off immediately and figure out whats causing it.

That should be close enough to get anyone through it. If you feel uncertain about doing this, get help from some one (there's plenty of Porsche folk around, reach out and ask for help. Its usually more fun to work on cars with friends anyway!), or take it to a shop. Much better safe than sorry when it comes to fuel. ALso, I am NOT responsible if you follow my directions and still manage to burn your car and house down, okay?

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There are seals/gaskets in the elec. connectors also, I know because one fell out and I did not notice til I had everything back together and noticed it sitting on the engine. Of course when I tried to get it, I fumbled around and dropped it to somewhere I could not see it, so that one is gone. I did order a couple of new connectors to replace cracked one on a sensor, but these did not have the gasket in there. Also my wires going to the injectors were very brittle, so be careful with them.


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