Thought i would say hello - my two friends at work have just bought a beautiful blue 968 and have volunteered me as their mechanic based solely on the premise that i had a 944 when i was younger ho hum why didnt i run a away and hide - its a tiptronic and needless to say its damper has gone - does anybody have a how to ?


iain   ps got a funny feeling i may be on here a lot !

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 i just finished replacing mine.

Best advice I can give for right now is to read the workshop manual, and make sure you feel comfortable doing this.

It was a pain. I had the car on jackstands in the garage. You have to drop the exhaust, drop the transmission, disconnect the torque tube, slide the damper cover back, pull the damper out, etc.

There are other things that have to be removed (starter) disconnected, maneuvered, pulled, pushed, etc.

Along with all that, you have to make sure things get realigned, put back together in the correct order and correctly.

The damper itself costs $900 usd.

Welcome, all of you to the 968 world.


Ken thanks very much for the reply im sort of stuck at the moment do you remove the torque converter bolts thru the inspection hatch then try and move the transmission backwards ? i must say who looked after her before has done a great job its completely coated in a waxoil type material - which is filthy stuff to come of but seems to have done its job protecting everything.



Thanks again


Completely remove tiptronic. That will be the only way to have enough room at the front to remove the damper plate.

You really need to download and read the workshop manual. If you have questoins like the one you asked in your earlier post, I would say you need to sit down and study the procedure. There are some expensive mistakes that could be made.

I will gladly give any tips that I can, but some of the stuff you have to read about.

So, not knowing where you have gotten to as of now,

the starter needs to be removed...the exhaust needs to be removed... the transmission needs to be removed, and don't let the torque converter fall...the torque tube needs to be disconnected and slid back, which means the transmission lines need to be disconnected from the torque tube, the manual says to remove the transmission lines from the cooler, but I didn't, probably just got lucky.

The damper housing needs to be disconnected from the engine.

Now all this is not as easy as it may sound. There are some bolts that are a pain in the ass to get to, I thought I was going to have to drop the crossmember to get to a couple of them. One bolt on the damper housing will have to be acessed from the top, through the enginr compartment, make sure you cover the hole for the timing mark.

The thick waxy crap is from the factory. I brlieve it is an anti corrosion film. It is all over all 3 of my Porsches.

So, good luck, and I will check the forum to see what is going on.

Iain, What are the plugs across the middle of the bumper?

hi ken sorry its taken me so long to reply - the plugs you see in the bumper are reversing sensors it beeps inside the cabin the faster the beep the nearer the object - very handy - things are going well and i take your point about the bellhousing bolts especially the top one - what a beast to get to it completley shredded the back of my hands  - just about back together now but i stupidly didnt mark the starter motor wiring - would you have any info on what connector goes where - it been a tough old job this one i took it on as a sort of personal test - by god its a test alright !


 Had the same problem with the starter wires. I hooked them up on seperate leads(incorrect) and the car would start, but the starter would stay on and turning.

Did you download the workshop manual?

Look on the wire lugs. If the harness is original, then there will be numbers stamped on them. The ones stamped 16 and 35 are connected on the same stud, which is 16...35 on the starter, you have to look carefully.

Then there is a smaller wire labled 30 or 50 and it goes to the corresponding numbered starter stud.

I luckily have 2 968's and could verify.

Right il get a look tomorrow pretty sure its original as not much has been touched on her so with bit of luck il spot the numbers - whereabouts would i find the manual to download - once this is over im going to clay the old girl then get some detail wax on her and il post some pics up - with a bit of tlc i think this one is going to be a cracker.

p.s hows things in georgia - sure is a distance from the highlands of scotland !


cannell.. do a search and it should take you to it. it has been on this forum also.

Golfing is good in Georgia!

Also if you go to 944online, look for a thread  about clutch master cyl replacement, there is a pic of the starter with the wires connected.

great stuff ken that 944 pic is just what im looking for - another day at it and this thing should roll





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