I'm looking to buy a 1995 Cab with Tiptronic.  I really wanted a 6-speed but this mint Red over Black with only 32000 miles has been offered to me.  My concern is the Tiptronic.  How does it perform vs the manual?  Are there any reliability issues with the Tip?  I plan to occasionally track the car so what will I sacrifice performance-wise with the Auto transmission?  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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I do have a Tip. I have just ordered a new damper plate which costs $900.
The car does have 98k miles.
I have enjoyed driving it. It shifts well. It has several shift maps to go into depending on how aggressive you are driving.at the time.
As with any other car, you want to make sure that regular maintenance has been done.

Thanks, Ken.  All service is up to date.  Meticulous care was shown by the current owner.  If I can get over my fear of the automatic transmission I'll pull the trigger and get the car.

I don't think I've heard of too many problems with a tip other than the damper plate.

My issue is more one of performance, not reliability.  I know that the 0-60 is about 1 second slower but I'm more concerned about the overall "feel" of the Tiptronic vs the Manual.  I don't have access to a Manual for comparison purposes.


I also have a 6-speed.
Of course it is quicker. I don't race, so I can't give.a comparison.
Also,that is a cabriolet.Even slower.
Your first post did mention reliability.
I have heard of people racing with tips. I'm sure there sre lots of race cars with autos.
Guess it would be all in how you prepare it and how many people you can talk to.
928's and 911's had tips also.

Both are very fun cars to drive! I had a Tiptronic years ago and it was always a pleasure; I now enjoy driving a 6-speed.  Most of the performance difference is in lower gears.  The factory clamied only a 5 second lap difference on the 14 mile Nurburgring course (the top speeds are about the same so you'd probably see a bigger difference on smaller tracks): 

If you are really wanting some performance you could get a Design1Racing Supercharger.  I just talked Bob today and he thinks this next batch that he just announced is the last one that he will do.  Their are about 30 cars out there so far that have had the kit installed for several years and it has been very reliable with that being one of the main objectives in its design.  Some of the installs have even been done on Concours/show cars.  http://www.design1racing.com/



Yeah. Then you are getting away from the pure 968 configuration.
I know these cars, as with most, could use improvements, but a s/c is going further than most.
Daniel, that is a good article. Where did that come from?

Its out of the 1992 launch brochuer.  I have a copy and remembered reading this information a few months ago before a friend of mine decided to buy a Tip,  which he's loving.


The 968 register has the entire brochuer scanned in its the one with the All silver striped cover.

Great info guys, thanks.  I think I now have more confidence in the Tip.  I'm going to go test the car tomorrow and maybe strike up a deal.

Didn't buy it.  Too slow.  Really great condition though.

How much noise  is it making? I drive home a route that a supercharged 944 uses and I can hear a block away.


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