I have an pop to get a red 6 speed 1994 with gray int. 2'owner with 75000 miles in what looks to be solid paint, int etc. clutch done at 50k (would they inspect pinion bearing at this time???), belts were done around 65k but car is only driven minimal over the past few years to get to 75k miles.

I am concerned about needing belts done again and the dreaded bearing. I can get the car under 14k. Is this a a good deal??

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Drive the car and listen for the whine from the rear. Remember, only a small percentage of 968s (<5%) had the pinion bearing issue. I've had 4 and none have had it. The few that did have it have mostly been repaired at this point. Time and mileage factor into the belts. It looks like you are okay mileage-wise. Most feel the job should be done every 5 years no matter what the mileage. Asd far as value, the car sounds great and the price sounds fair for a cared-for example.  




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