Hi - after nearly a year of ownership I have joined here with my 968 UK Sport edition Clubsport (in right hand drive, manual) in its original factory "Riviera Blue" livery.

I did have a 993 C4S until 2003-2012 (but thats another story), but I am essentially a Lotus/Caterham owner and a biker too (all sorts of bikes from Ducati to BMW, Honda, and KTM (for off-roading) and even some '60s Italian scooters for a bit of fun commuting in the summer months), cyclist, kayaker and power-boater too.

I have been really pleased with the 968, it was bought from a Porsche Club GB member with 2 911s and the 968 so it was essentially enthusiast owned, it handles nicely and as I got two sets of cup wheels with the car, so I intend to fit the spare set and try it around Brands Hatch on club track night later in 2017 to see how it compares to a Caterham that I am familar with on my favourite circuit.

enjoy and thanks

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Nice looking machine. Of the 2,234 coupes produced for North America only 1 of them was painted Riviera blue. So a rare site here in the US.

actually, there are at least 2. besides trevor's car, there is another riv blue one here in california. it has white club sport stickers on it (not a club sport though). i've seen it at least twice.

nice, that's good to know.  of the 150 or so 968's left in the UK only a handful are riviera blue to, although a few are the darker maritime blue which looks good in a club sport also.  Since owning the 968 I started spotting other models in the same colour - and yes 911RS's look good in this colour and a few 944s have been repainted this riviera, even boxster and cayman don't look bad in this colour, but its all a matter of personal taste and preference I guess.  Thanks for your replies, nice to hear from other owners overseas (from me).

Riv blue is a great color on the 968. In addition to the 1 coupe Porsche built 5 cabs in that color for North America. Maritime is also nice. Porsche built 6 coupes in F2 Maritime but only 1 cab. Be sure to check out the Porsche club 968 register web site at 968register.org for all kinds of great production data on these great machines. I own 3 now. a 1 of 1 mint green cab, a 1 of 10 speed yellow coupe, and a 1 of 2 white coupe with a factory matador red leather interior. great cars.

Fantastic and  your cars sound a great line up the white porsches always look good with any sort of red trim or interior.  I will checkout the 968 register sometime soon too.  thanks




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