My horn hasn't worked in the year and a half I've had the car. Last week I checked into it and found the fuse was missing. Easy fix I thought. Installed a fuse and both buttons on the steering wheel worked perfectly. The I backed out of the garage and as I turned the wheel the horn went off randomly. I assume the horn butyon are grounds that complete the circuit to make the horn sound. Why would turning the wheel make random completions of the circuit? Suggestions appreciated. I figure I have to remove the steering wheel so if anyone knows where the connection for the sir bag is I'd appreciate that info.

Thank you,

Ron Brooks

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That's probably why the fuse was missing. There's very little space between the contacts under the button. So, if there are any metal particles or the mechanism is broken it may complete the circuit. I'd check both buttons first.

Disabling the airbag is tricky; typically most just disconnect the battery, however many have triggered the airbag light by doing so. Ask me how I know. And it cost $50+ to have it reset at the dealer.


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