I'm ready to replace my sun beaten cabrio door panels with a newer set. Is there any instructions out there that will walk me through it? Also once I have them off, is there anything I should look for to fix or clean?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, lube the pivots and sliders for the window, and I like to lube the actuators for the door locks too. If you can get some thin oil into the actuator (remove it and hold it pointing upward, remove the rubber boot and dribble some lube into the mechanism) your locks will be faster and smoother. Also lube the door closing mechanism from the inside, there are lots of parts that never get any attention in there.


You might want to consider replacing the exterior door handle gaskets while the door panel is off.

Thanks Jeff. I actually bought new gaskets. Is there a pdf that shows how to replace them?

Thanks Steve




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