I just installed a new overhead dome light as it was missing when I bought the car.  It didnt seem to help as it still doesn't.  I checked and the fuse also controls the lighter which works fine so I know it's not that.  Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Check the glove box lght and hatch lamp. Are you sure the interior lamps and cig. lighter are on the same fuse?
I know the clock and cig lighter are. Make sure the wires are in the right place and make sure the bulb is good.
According to what I've seen it is.    I do not get any lights however in the glove and hatch... Maybe you're onto something.
 on my cars, they are not on the same fuse as the cigar lighter.

Thanks Ken,


You were right, I guess I had some bad info.  Anyway they work now.  Any idea on the easiest way to change the headlight bulbs?

 Raise the headlamps. Turn the car off with them raised. There is a lever to pull, it is in the recessed area where the headlamps return to. Pull lever straight out and pull the lamp towards the front of the car.

 Let the lever return. There is a clip on the rear of the bucket. Unclip that, then pull the lamp assy. out. It may be a little hard to pull because the gasket could be stuck.

Replace bulb. Pull lever, reset lamps.

You should download a workshop manual. Search for Cannell on this forum, it is a free download of the manual. Download the 944 manual also, as the 968 manual is basically a continuation of the 944 manual.



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