Loose Door Check Plates: Hi - I am a new member living on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean. A great place to drive the car but limited to getting Porsche 968 info. Can anyone help me with the problem of loose door check plates on my cabriolet. I cannot find a way to the back of the "A" post to capture the nuts and tighten them - is there a way? Or do I tack weld as neatly as possible and paint up (not sure I want to do that). Any help would be welcome. Thanks and good luck. Peter.

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This is a known problem with some cars and most people have had to tack weld the plate to the body and then get it painted.
Many Thanks for a quick response. I think I guessed this was the only real option and you have confirmed it. I will just go and practice a few welds before I go live!!
Regards Peter
Good luck Peter. Maybe you can take some pictures and share them with us :).


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