This is an ode to my 968. My love for that car builds the more I drive it.

It's not without it's idiosyncrasies, as you all know, but it is so well engineered and so thoughtfully appointed that it is hard for me to imagine a better car out there. It isn't the fastest, it isn't the most maneuverable (I don't think), it's got old technology, but everything it has provokes the soul in a way that no other car has provoked mine.

My wife and I love bowing into the car and letting the seats engulf us. On a smooth road, there is nothing better. The connection we feel with the car gliding over the road is spiritual. Porsche made these cars so quiet at speed that you almost feel as though you are floating on a magic carpet. We can hold each other's hand, listen to the music, and absolutely feel a need to keep driving well beyond the point we had initially planned on turning home.

Anyway, words fail me. It is a great car. I'm very happy that my friend Frenchy told me about the 968. It has been a blessing in our lives. I just hope I have enough self control to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

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You wont get a ticket for two reasons. First, they cant see you or get radar on you because your car is only what 50" tall, and every other car on the road masks it. Second, when they ask you if you know why they pulled you over you tell them, "I assume you had never seen a 968 before and had a few questions, what do you want to know?"

I am only convinced of this because I speed all the time and have not yet been pulled over. Then again I suppose reason #3 could be because our speedometers are notoriously inaccurate. 

Lastly, much of the joy comes from going around turns fast and all those signs just have "recommended" speeds. 

I dont care this post is 2 years old.


That's an interesting theory. <GRIN> I'm not sure I should put it to the test, though. Radars around here, when they are working, seem to be pretty darn good. 

I sure agree with you about the joys you mentioned, though. And I will surely use your line if I get pulled over, though the state Trooper may roll his eyes a bit. Heh, heh, heh.


I bought my 1994 968 coupe in '06 (on eBay, no less), and just sank $4K into shocks, struts, brakes, tires and motor mounts, all at once. Wow!  I'd thought it was good when I got it, but this is ridiculous. It's 10 in the evening and I'm trying to think up an excuse to go someplace, just to drive it.

It probably had a broken motor mount when I got it, since a nagging vibration had always been there. I thought it was a timing thing. But replacing the motor mounts cured the problem. Now, it's like driving the proverbial Swiss watch.

If there's a better-handling car out there, I would sure love to drive it. I've had a 240Z, a '72 Maserati Ghibli, a 280ZX Turbo, a BMW Z3 3.0 and a Porsche 924S... and the best of those (the little '88 Porsche) was a cement mixer alongside the 968. I got 350K out of the 924S, so I have well over 200,000 miles of fun left. I'm a happy man.

Great to hear Joe. Looking for additional excuses to drive the 968? Join the Porsche club and attend some events. We have done joint-968 events along with the larger PCA events.  

I know what you mean, Joe. I keep thinking about maybe getting a 911 someday, but the 968 is so good, a drive in it quickly reminds me why I don't need a 911. I think I may have some expensive repairs coming up. An oil leak appears to be worsening, but it's worth the fix.




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