Well, what a surprise to see 968.net is back. What was it??? 1998 when I first visited and met Damian and Raj and Ray. Welcome back Ray. Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to 968-wise over all these years. Jeff

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I, too am very pleased that 968.net has been rejuvenated!

The memories flood over me, trying to get the names of 968 owners across the country for my first 968 Gathering in 2001 in Hershey. The PCA 968 Register only had 32 members at that time (Jeff indicated there are now 278 members) so who helped me develop the list? Ray Starbird of course.

Ray, I understand you are now married and all but it would be great if you could join us, once again, at the Swap Meet and the 968 Celebration being hosted by Jeff, Jim, Jay, Darryl and Kathy this year.

What are the odds?

Been years. It's like deja vu all over again.
Oh, good catch, Pitou! I thought I'd removed that requirement -- it's gone now. We're fortunate to have a lot of non-US members, so please please please let us know when the site acts up.

BTW, as much as I'm not crazy about registering, the security issues we had with the old discussion forum forced the issue. Hopefully those issues are behind us, and we can just focus on the community and the content.
Jeff, are you the keeper of the VINs? I think Damian said you have an awesome database, and I think it would be fantastic to make it available to the 968 crew.

My gosh, Jeff, how old's your son now? We don't need a database if we have him!
"Dad, is that a Wimbledon Green car?"
Pitou, that would be money as in greenbacks. Massachusetts is also known as Taxachusetts to us natives
well...but as far as I know MA is a very beautiful part of America.
I will happily spend my greenbacks, if I could ever make it to MA.

Still have my registration sticker on the windshield...
Great to have this site back up! Thanks, Ray, and thanks for all your effort in past years.
Like Ryan Hennessy said...it is becoming a dejavu.....all the old names, good memories.
I have kept quite for the last years, I tried other forums which sure have a lot of knowledge....

But I joined 968.net when I was about to buy the car.
I remember I was working in Bangkok, Thailand and checking every evening.

Got great advice and friendly feelings...always....until some trouble came up...and the site went down at the end.

Come on guys lets make this work again, with all the precautions taken.

Best, T.

P.S. And thanks to Ray to make this work again!
I, too, am glad to see this back up. I joined this site before the other one. Have it in the bookmark section now.
Have to update my book mark - I still have it pointing to
I'm newly in and the car is still not even here yet !


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