I live in Gilroy, CA. and Santa Cruz.  I acquired a '94 968 Coupe in August and slowly figuring out all of the unique things about these cars.  I have had a 356 for 46 years, and a 82 911SC which I sold to buy the 968.  Actually it's my wife's car, she didn't like driving the 911, and won't drive the 356, so when a long time friend decided to sell the 968 it didn't take much convincing on her part to get it.  Black with grey interior.  Basic 968 with tip-auto transmission, optional 17" wheels/tires, rear wiper, electric seats, cruise control, sunroof. 107,000 miles.  

The original owner had it for 4 years, and put 45,000 miles on it, always dealer serviced, garaged at both home and work.  My friend bought it in 98 through a mechanic who worked on the car regularly.  It won class at the PCA Parade concours in 2000 at Sacramento and 2nd in 2002 at Sun Valley.  It was driven quite a bit until 2007, the log shows 102,000 miles.  The past 7 years it had only 5000 miles, driven occasionally mostly put away in a garage.  

The car is beautiful, the front bumper was repainted to fix rock chips and a minor scratch. As with many cars that sit a lot there are things that need to be done.  The previous owner had put fresh tires on it in 2012, new hoses, and belts in 2013.  He also had a PPI done on the car, the findings were: marginal battery, old struts and shocks, dash lights dim, and rides rough.  A new battery was installed before I bought it.  

The rough ride was next to address.  Replaced the struts and shocks with OEM Sachs, while I was under the car I found the the A-Arm and trailing arms were basically stuck, lack of use?  Spraying the bushings with Wurth HHK lubricant and exercising the arms with a floor jack freed up the bushings.  Now it has a much softer ride, no clunks and no tire vibrations, feel like a Porsche instead of a old Ford.  

Looking forward to driving the "new" Porsche on many drives. This year is going to be crazy, here with Werkes Reunion and RennsportV added to the already full schedule of events. 


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See you at Rennsport V. I am driving from Roseville. We will be staying in Carmel-by-the-sea.

I just installed the RS Barn Stage 1 chip, air box shroud and heat shield. The chip greatly improves rolling off from a dead stop. Engine stall is eliminated. I try to feather the clutch and the torque level was less than I liked. The heat shield is easy to install and seems to greatly reduce engine compartment temp. I purchased the parts from RS Barn however there are installation instructions on the design1racing.com website. There are pictures included with the instructions.

Hi I will be at Rennsport, Friday and Saturday however I will be driving the 356 and not the 968.  Now that Concours on the Ave and Werkes Reunion are over, the 968 goes back being used semi-daily.

I would have liked to display the 968 in the PCA show at Rennsport, but leaving there for 3 days and getting both cars to and from Laguna Seca would be too much.  


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