Nothing special just a nice Red 94 Cabriolet, LSD 6 speed.

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What is the story on the rear spoiler?.....and don't give us "nothing special"...they are all special. Is it a true 94 (no 718 stamp)?...looks in very good shape.

Yes 94 and spoiler I put on it is a DTM spoiler I got off eBay

You painted it body color? Did you add the front spoiler as well? Post a picture of the rear of the car please. I have a 94 Cab C2S F9  too...no spoilers, front or back, though

Yes Front and back, Front splitter is part number 372 from GT racing $200. Back,  I sourced off of eBay DTM style spoiler it was less then 200 bucks. 

I posted a picture of rear on my page.


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