Just (re)-joining 968.net. 


Had a red 1994 manual coupe, but sold it in 2003 ;-(  I have owned a 914 ('73), 911 ('71), 968 ('94), Boxster ('02) and Cayman ('07) and the 968 was perhaps my favorite! 


So I am looking around for another 968.  Must be a manual Coupe - and from the classifieds they seem even more rare than when I had mine (judging by the "parting out" ads and high-mileage cars) - seems like there are a few cabs about.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know. 

Good to be back!



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I have fallen in love with the 968 and will be buying as soon as I unload a few cars ( down sizing ) I live in OREGON AND HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OFF AND ON SINCE 1974 , will be looking for a convert in blue , green or yellow .




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