I don't know how qualified I am to be on this site, but I thought I would give it a try.  Recently I purchased my wife a Suburban (her dream car), at the expense of selling my classic Mustang.  She promised me that I could get another car as soon as practical.  I promised myself a long time ago that before I died I would own a Porsche.  It didn't matter what model or year.  So I started doing some reasearch about the cars.  I always liked the style of the 944 and began looking into them, but finding a decent example is difficult, and I started reading up on the mechanical issues of the 944 and was quickly turned off.  This has lead me to the 968.  I want a vehicle that is rare enough on the road that I wouldn't see it's twin every mile or so, (I live near Hilton Head, SC, so 911's, vipers, BMW's of all makes, Mercedes, and the like are EVERYWHERE)


I am currious.  What is the achillies heel of the 968?  How decent of a vehicle would it be for weekend ventures?  I'm not looking for a track car, just one with decent performance, good looks, and enough sex-appeal to keep my wife interested in it.  I would appreciate any knowledge that could be given.




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Pinion bearing (in some cars) and timing belt issues if not kept up-best to buy on both the seller AND the car. Very sexy looks, great for weekend cruises, your wife will love it.
Welcome to the site, Steve, and congrats on taking a step toward fulfilling a dream (many owners on this site had similar dreams). A few thoughts on your options:
- Good call bypassing the 944 in favor of the 068. To your point, 944s are older, and finding really good ones is challenging. Also, their styling is distinctly of the '80s, with the unfortunate bumpers, clunky rear, and thick rubber rear spoiler.
- Damian mentioned the pinion bearing issue that can affect 6-speeds. Past a certain mileage point (60k? 80k?), if the problem hasn't occurred, it probably won't.
- Certainly the 968 is rare. When you do pass one on the road you'll both wave like mad. I met another owner at a gas station a few months ago and we chatted for 20 minutes (much to the chagrin of our passengers).
- The 968 is great for weekenders, or even daily drivers (mine is driven every day unless the weather is crappy, at which time I'll drive the SUV). You might enjoy a cabriolet in Hilton Head, especially if you have no desire to track it. I think the cab is absolutely gorgeous with the top up or down -- a definite head-turner.
- Regardless, make sure you buy one with a complete owner history and all the service records. Given the age of the car, even garage queens need a thorough pre-purchase inspection, as seals and rubber and such break down over time.

Best wishes on your search. Please keep us updated!

Hello Steve,

I have been on 968 net for about a month and have found out loads of info and was able to contribute a few of my own.  I am a fellow SC owner and live in Rock Hill.  We have had 13 Porsches over the years from 914-6 to 911’s and even ordered one form the factory in 94.  We presently have three in the garage, 92 968 Cab Guards Red 28k , 90 944 S2  Cab White 165k , and a  1977 911S Bronze Metallic 82K.  All of them are different and enjoyable.  The 944 is driven by my son and he loves the vehicle.  Both the 911 and the 968 are now garage queens and are in great condition.  We had never owned a 968, and once I decided on a 968 it took about a year looking and searching and discussions with the better half (the fun part).  We searched for a low miles vehicle with good or better interior and matching paint and surprisingly enough there are several out there, if you want to pay the premium price or willing to wait for the right one to pop up that fits the bill. 

We found ours online in New Orleans and finalized the deal in person.  We looked at many and called or emailed on 50+, but they just weren’t right or was too much for the toy budget.  If you are mechanically inclined and don’t mind turning a wrench occasionally or taking a chance on fixing the minor stuff a good 968 can become a great 968.    


We have been in the PCA for ever and having lived all over the east coast for the past 35 years we have met the best folks in the country and have made life long friends from NY to Florida. I am more of a purest and my son is a bragger. I have had the privilege of working in a Porsche shop in Charleston and learned a lot but mostly not to be afraid to break out the socket set. 


On the last two 911’s we took every nut bolt and screw off and had the vehicles painted and put it all back together again.  This is a bit much for most and they are not willing to get that involved.   You just need to find some Porsche people in your area and talk to them, lookup Poresch Club in your area, I used to be in that group and ther are some fine people there, find out about the vehicles and make a decision.  There are problems with the vehicles and there are problems with all other classic vehicles you just have to deal with them.  We chose the 968 because of its future value, power, looks, rarity, sex appeal, comfort features, and we had never had one.  


I, like you, I think, are a little older and can now appreciate a nice Porsche and the 968 was the one for me. 


Craig’s List is a great place to start and do the national search which cuts down on the search time.   Set your standards and just go shopping.    Call if you just want to chat.








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