Thought I'd try this here as well as Rennlist:

I have a '94 968 and none of the interior/gloebox/engine comp. lights go on under any


•Dash lights work and dim correctly.

•Door windows operate after ignition is off and until doors are opened.
Windows stop working once door is opened as they are supposed to.
(should mean that the door switches are OK)

•Mirror heaters work, but rear hatch defrost does not. There is 12
volts on the drivers side of the rear window defrost grid and 0 volts on
the passenger side.

•With power off, there is continuity from the bottom of the drivers side
rear hatch strut through the defrost grid to the bottom of the
passenger side strut.

I'm at a loss as to what is causing me to have no interior lights nor
rear hatch defrost?

I'm desperate for ideas!

Thanks for your response!


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Have you checked your fuses and relays to see if there is a problem with those? I discovered some similar problems in my car and found that there were some blown fuses. (This was just after buying the car and was pointed out by WW Autowerks in Eugene.)

Good luck,

I'm pretty sure it is fuse 8, but just double check on your owner's manual. I've gone through it, just replace the fuse for a new one and your're fine again.


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