My '93 968 seems to be losing oil. There is no evidence of oil on the garage floor or smoke out the tail pipe but it is going through a quart every 4000 miles or so. Should I be concerned?

 I've only owned the car for a year and put less than 5000 miles on it. The odometer reads 78000 miles.

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I don't have the user's manual in front of me right now, but if I remember correctly, using a quart of oil every 4,000 miles should be in the acceptable range for a 968 (or even most modern sports cars). If the car is up to date on its maintenance and it is running well then you should be okay. But do remember that the under tray beneath the front bumper and engine may catch some fluids and they won't show up on your garage floor.
Thanks, Rich I appreciate the responce. There is no evidence of a leak in the tray. And the car is up to date and well cared for.
Rich is correct.




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