This is a one owner car. It is a driver not a show car. The car has 163k miles. Please e-mail with the item you are looking for, car is also going on e-bay.




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Hi, I have bought some parts last fall. I am now in need of the trunk latch system if it is available particularly the electronic part of the trunk latch.  Thanks!

I need a 

Damper Plate

Sorry I don't have that part anymore.


Eugen, I think you are going to have to bite the bullet and just order a new one. A used one would hardly be worth it due to the difficulty of changing it out, and not knowing how long the used one will last.

So, unless you get very lucky and find a lightly used damper plate, order one from the place that I found had the best price,Sunset in Oregon.

I just swapped my damper plate out myself, in my garage, lying on the floor. I would not want to do that twice.

Do u, still have door panels, condition? Price?
They are in fair cond. The arm are in great shape classic grey color the tweeters are still good would cost to much to ship for what there. So most people are just pick the pieces they need.

Well I can swap mine over. If your grey part on your panel are in goid shape
I can send some pics. I will email just leave your email address. I need a day or two just finishing redoing my kitchen.

Ok my email address is ronintegra@yahoo.com,i really only need the passanger door panel honestly cant wait to see them. Thanks a bunch!.
Was wondering if you were still going to email me the pics of the door panels.thank you

Hi, if you still have the roof, what condition is it in?


Sorry it sold!




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