I have a daily driven 140k mile 968 6 speed coupe. I have had the joy of owning one of the most understated cars of all time, but due to few careless drivers I now have a dinged up vehicle. 2 parking lot < 5mph "oops" moments and a teen driver that didn't check her blind spot have left me with a mechanically sound car covered in dents. 


Car still drives straight and cranks first try. Transmission is in great shape no notchy gears. As the second owner, I have had the car for three years since 75K miles. Before me a doctor in New Jersey used it as a toy car driving it only in the summer. This was my third car behind an Alfa Romeo GTV 6 (James Bond in Octopussy) and an Audi TT Alms edition. I have since moved on to a more practical car (2010 Tdi golf 6speed) and would like save up for a 993 turbo. 


Parts list for sale:

Motor (including hoses, radiator, ecu, wiring harness, alternator, starter, mounts, intake, fuel rail, all pumps and headers)              $3,500


6 speed manual transmission ( including adapters pressure plate factory clutch and hardware)



4 cup style wheels with <1500 mile dunlop Z1 Direzza tires  ($600)


anything else you'd like contact me. Pictures available on request. Prices are negotiable. 


Until the motor is sold, I drive the car to work (20 miles round trip) to make sure that it doesn't sit up. Can provide video of car driving upon request.

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I also need to center splash shield, the one that goes under the engine compartment behind the bat wing.  Please let me know if you have one for sale.  Thanks.

Hi, I need the driver side door handle with internal mechanism. How much?



Hi Kelly. Do you have an airbag control module with the harness? If so how much? Matt@greecetravel.com
I need a spare tire or 2. 706-392-2580
Have 1993, need a hood. John.weever@gmail.com

Hi.  Do you still have the front bumper guards?  if YOU DO HOW MUCH?  tHANKS

Do you have the daytime running lights relay? If so, I am interested in it please.

Do you have the Batwing???    If so, what is your price??

I can be reached at phone 502-225-9306.  thanks,   Bob Fletcher

Looking for the two small, apprx 3" x 3", black bumper guards in front.

Bill, these are still available new and are not expensive. I will send you the part numbers.


Greatly appreciate your effort Jeff
Received your email to articgolf@hotmail.com. Thanks. I couldn't reply directly to you because your email wasn't available.
Looking forward to getting part number for bumperetts.
Again, thanks a bunch.....Bill
I am interested in a passenger side (right) tail-brake-turnsignal housing


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