The 968 - 0068 sits in the drive waiting - for the new MICHELIN Pilots, slotted rotors etc.

Dianne is to go to HAITI this Sat. AM as every year.

Here I am in a Country that has trials & tribulations much like "down south" in the 60's. I guess I have the blood in me of RICHARD GILDERSLEEVE "No Taxation Without Representation" and the Men of the GREEN BERET.

Hello Dad - It has been a while - Yes, I would really like to be turning wrenches on the 968 or the FORD F750 as we used to do in 1956. WAR sucks - but someone has to do it. It was better when all I had to do, was play in the sand box with my TONKA trucks and wait for you to come home.

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Good to hear your "voice" again, it brings back a lot of 968.net memories. Yes, how is that Ford Mustang GT doing that you purchased years ago?

Hello Don & Shamus.

I would like to tell you that everything is going well - BUT - I arrived home a few days past - drove the 968 around the block and parked HER on the back lawn. So my intent is to wash her and plant her next to the horse stalls to upgrade on components.

At noontime today I stole my wife's Wild Rover to obtain fluids & fish to sustain a long life.

I got T-BONED by a Ford Explorer (total loss) - The Land Rover has a GREAT DENT in the drivers area and I just got out of the ER @ 6:30 PM.

Dislocated shoulder & short of a flail chest (hurts like you know what) but I will be fine.

It is 0400 hrs. and I am looking at a 918 PORSCHE - is this for real????

Hi Gil,
Sorry to hear that your hurt. How long will the recovery take?
A 918?!? Tell me more about it. Can't wait to see some images.
You've got something with hospitals...
And I hope by now you've fully recovered from this one.

About the 918, as I am a modest man I'd settle for a Carrera GT.
Well I man can dream :)
Hi Gil,
Since the old days I have aquired a lot of 968 production data. You may know that I am also now the proud owner of the 9th 968 cab produced for the North American market, in Mint green non the less. But, did you know your car was the 8th 968 coupe produced for the North American market? And on top of that, you have option code 740 which indicates your car did some kind of auto-show or press duty.
Holy crap! I can't believe this forum is alive again....and this thread! Looks like a real improvement to the old ailing forum. Good to see you old timers. I just stopped by on a lark because I'm selling some spare parts and things. Alas....I sold my 968 last fall and am finally getting around to clearing out the basement.

Gil, good to see you! Maybe I'll see you and some of the other locals at one of the local Porsche events.

Reading through this thread it seems like you have been having a tough time lately. Hope all is well. Enjoyed the words of Eric Burton. Good to see this thread going again. Looking forward to more.



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