I dont even hear the motor working any more with the button inside the car or the key.  It was workin a week ago. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and repair.


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I don't know what the problem might be with the inside button trunk opener but I had a problem with the key lock and fixed it by adjusting the position of the lock form inside the trunk. It had rotated out of position just enough so there was no contact made between the points when the key was turned. You will have to remove the trunk rug/cover to access the lock from inside. 
All I can tell you is to check the wires to the motor and the fuse.

is this a cab or coupe

there is  a cable in the driver door that will open the trunk

open the door and pull off the black rear air vent,,,, be careful as not to break the top and bottom tabs

look inside for the pull cord should be a small wire.  pull it to open the trunk lid

this will give you full access to all of the parts to repair or troubleshoot









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