The rear wiper motor on my car has packed in. It makes a clicking sound and moves the wiper a tiny amount but certainly isnt right. I'm suspecting a burnt out motor. Any fixes to this or would i have to get a new motor? If it is a new motor is there anywhere i can get one cheap because i cant find any on ebay.....

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Hi Helen,

It just so happens I removed the rear wiper and (working!) motor from mine years ago, so please let me know if you can't find one locally (I'm in Atlanta) and I'm sure we can work something out.

Hey Ray, if Helen passes on the rear wiper motor I'll take it off your hands. My coupe has the same issue.
Thanks! I'm just going to have a look at shipping costs to see how it compares to buying one locally. I'll let you know as soon as i do as to wether it's cost effective or not.

thanks again

Jeff and Helen. Hi, I fixed my wiper motor after I had thought it was burnt out. There is a shaft that can become loose and slide out of place.
I did have to take the cover apart (4 rivet type fasteners) but it has been working fine since.
Helen, Since your wiper does move a bit, I highly suspect the same problem.

I second Ken...it is fixible
These are fixable. I had to replace mine as it was heavily corroded inside. They are easy to remove. Then you can look inside and see what the problem is with them. Good luck.
Hi again! sorry about the late reply! been on holiday :) we've looked at the shipping costs and it's not really cost effective...... so i think it'll be a trip to the porsche breakers yard in manchester for us!

and in reply to ken; i'm no electrictian but i'll have a look next free moment!

Thanks everyone!

It isn't an electrical part that you need to look at. It is the shaft that the gear rides on. It can come loose and block the lever that connects the motor to the drive gear. It does involve some dissasembly and a little fabrication when reattaching the cover. I think that since you stated the wiper moves a bit, this is what you should look at, but whatever is easiest for you.


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