where can find a spare tire with wheel for a 1994 cabriolet? if any one can help, I would really appreciate it.

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There's several on eBay right now, and dcAuto probably has a stack of them.  You can search for 944 spare wheels too, I'm sure?

These spares are in great demand by 356 Porsche owners as well as dune buggy enthusiasts, they go for hundreds of dollars.

Excuse my ignorance, but is there something different about Cab vs. Coupe spare tires?  As I'm turning my car to a mostly-track car, I really don't have any use for my spare, if someone is interested.

Hi do you still have 968 spare for sale interested my missing thanks Rob

No, I'm afraid I sold it a few weeks ago.  You might want to check on eBay, as they typically have a few listed.  Good luck.

I just seen one on ebay yesterday for $99.00 I was looking for wheels myself.  Might still be available.

Hi Mike Thanks for the info already pick one up Rob




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