When I bought the car, I knew the tilt roof did not function, although the motor did make noise when the switch was depressed; however only when pushed in the “up” direction.  (And, no, I do not have a repair manual yet). I finally had a chance to check it, expecting to find worn-out gears, and had even bought a set. 

I was disappointed to have to cut through the headliner; I thought the mechanisms would be directly under the cover.

The gears were OK. The pass side was jammed:  the slider was stuck between teeth and popped out.

With both sliders (the toothed thing that actually pushes up the roof) removed, the gears would turn when the “up” switch pushed, but no sound when “down” pushed.  I also found out how
it all is driven: with a cable that I watched get sucked past the driver side mechanism when I held it down too long.  The motor is somewhere in the driver side C-pillar area.

So it seems that the motor works (in one direction, at least), the lifters should work when I put it
back together. 

The final question is:  why does the motor not run when the switch is pushed “down”?  Is this likely a switch or relay problem?

And FYI, the back of the roof will lift itself at 70mph without the sliders holding it down.

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go to Clarksgarage.com There is a detailed description of how to diagnose and repair the sunroof. Very helpful, I have 3 to work on. Make sure you don't misalign the two sides as was on my 6 speed when I bought it. Look for broken tabs on the guides that the lift arms ride in (on the non lift side of the roof). The motor and switches ar in the drivers side hatch area, above the wheelwell.
thanks, will need to figure out why the motor only runs in one direction so I can get the cable back.
Clarks has a troubleshootinh chart.


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