I have a 92 trip. Is it it possible to swap a trip for a manual box? Has anyone heard of it being done before?


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It has been done but it is quite an involved process. It cost over $10K for the guy I knew to do this. If you are still interested let me know and I can put you in contact.


thanks for the info, I guess it would be more economical to buy a manual rather then convert my triptonic.

I have a 92 tip as well and about three years ago metal filings were found in my fluid. I ended up buying a used tip transmission from a guy that put a manual transmission in its place on a 93 968. So, yes it can be done.

Just curious, is there a mechanical reason why you want to make the conversion?

Yes, im  starting to get problems with the trans. So I wondered if it would be possible to fit a man in it's place.

When Im driving in a straight line there is no problems, but when I take a right turn around a corner it drops out of gear.  I can then change down gears, and change up into 3rd gear but not into 4th.  When the car is the turned off and on it works fine again untill I go around another corner.

There is no trans warning light on the dash, i just had the head redone with radiator changed, after having the engine overheat.

any ida what the problem might be.


Sorry, I don't really have an idea. I'm a weekend garage mechanic at best, so there's probably more seasoned mechanics that could speak to your problem.

Are you sure that it is the transmission and not some other component? Since you state that it only happens on right turns (correct?), could it be the LSD? Again, I'm just guessing.

Food for thought... it cost me around $1800 to have another tip put in my car. That price did not include me purchasing the used replacement transmission. In my case, it was worth it because I got a great deal on a used tip. If it turns out to be the transmission and you switch to a manual, you would incur other costs besides just the transmission itself. I have continued to look at used 968 tip prices over the last few years and they are considerably less than 968 manual transmissions.

Best of luck and please keep us updated.

-  Bill

If you look up in the workshop manuals under troubleshooting, that may help.
I would be willing to bet it is a simple fix. Probably the accelerometer.

Thanks alot Ken,

Do you have a link for online workshop manuals or do they need to be purchased in physical form

Also, If it is the problem, is there a good online parts store where I could purchase an accelerometer?

Thanks for your time and help


Do a search on this site for cannells. I believe that's how it is spelled.
The manuals were free when I downloaded.
Get the 944 engine manual also as the 968 eng. manual appears to be a continuation of it.
There are several online places. Sunset Porsche, AutohausAz.

I've nearly finished converting a 968 Tiptronic to 6 speed so yes it can be done, however your problem sounds like the lateral acceleration sensor or the Tiptronic DME's interpretation of this signal.  There's a diagnostic procedure for these in the Transmission volume of the 968 workshop manuals so take a look when you have a moment to see if the symptoms are consistent.

Thanks Trevor.

Here is what happens. If I take a hard right corner in any gear, the transmission will drop into 2nd gear. It will then only work in 1st and 2nd. If I try and change up into 3rd or 4th it will only stay in 2nd, but the gear indicator light on the dash changes into 3rd or 4th.

But, I have found, if I change into what would be 4th gear and take my foot off the accelerator at the same time, then it corrects it's self back to normal with no more problems until I take another hard right turn.

Note: It works fine on left turns. 

also, the tiptronic warning light does not come on 

I will also look at the transmission volume of the 968 workshop manuals to see what I can find


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