Looking for a 7.5 X 17 Cup 1 wheel if anyone has one.  Thanks!

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I have a complete set of four Cup I wide wheels for sale.  Only selling as a set.

Are they OEM 7.5 X 17 fronts and 9 X 17 rears? If so, can you send me some photos of the fronts and backs of the wheels,  including part #'s. My email address is van@rochester.rr.com   How much are you asking?  Thanks!  Van

Van, thanks for your response.  I will have to dig them out of my garage and get you the requested photos.  

Thank you!  If you can email to van@rochester.rr.com that would be great!

4 Porsche OEM Cup I wheels available for sale.  While I am working to get photos, here are the details:

7.5" x 17" ET65  965.362.124.05

9" x 17" ET55    965.362.128.00

In nice shape.  $2,500 FOB Seattle, WA.


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