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It's interesting that ning was chosen for the new 968.net because it integrates social networking and other community features into the site, not just the old forum. Nice. Bulletin boards are so old-fashioned!
That's the plan, Trevor. With the old site we were limited by the technology available at the time, like oldish (and insecure) forum software, and out-of-reach personalization capabilities. There were far too many manual steps. Hopefully Ning will help us focus on the "what," and not the "how."

Speaking of which, I'm curious what y'all think of Ning. I've had good luck with another network I setup (www.geoffachison.org, an amazing blues guitarist), so we can learn from the experiences on that site, too.

We really, really need a good classifieds app, so please hollar if you know of one. Ideally it would A) integrate with Ning's authentication, and B) be part of a larger network, so our 968 ads won't just show up on this site.

So are the social networking features useful? Do y'all use Facebook, Twitter, et al?
I don't tweet, but as you know I do FB.
Nice job on the update. The layout looks good, simple and easy to navigate.
I'm all about simplicity, Don. We'll see how much we use the different features, and move stuff around as necessary.
Ray I think this is good so far and makes the community feel closer than with forums alone. I have two requests:

1) Can you enable chat? I see folks online and it would be fun to chat if their privacy settings allow it - NEVERMIND, I JUST FOUND THE CHAT FEATURE :)
2) Can we add the photo tab to the mobile site so I can upload photos from my iPhone?
Ok, I've just about got this figured out. There's a big red 'ADD' button at the top of the mobile site which allows you to post a topic, upload photo, and invite friends.
OK so when we have the tech quiz about 968.net we can expect you to get a perfect score. :)




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