Hello, newish here, just bought my first Porsche (94 968) and am looking for a good source for general parts.

I have had a long line of BMW's and found Pelican Parts to be great, but the 968 seems to be less represented in their inventory/web site.   I guess this is a function of overall car numbers.

Where do you get your parts? (Other than the dealer, of course, no dealer in my city anyway).

For example:  I found a small oil leak around spark plugs 3 and 4 and I guess I will change out the cam cover gasket and spark plug oil seals.  So I need at least that set of parts for now...


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For new parts:

Sunset Porsche phone 1-800-346-0182
attn: Jeff Clark fax 1-503-601-3090
4030 SW 139th way
Beaverton OR 97005

Jeff knows his parts and gives a nice discounts. As for used, their are a couple of places, 20th street auto in AZ and german auto dismantlers in GA.

Sunset Porsche...Autohausaz...Oklahoma Foreign...German Auto dismantlers, and unfortunatly e-slay




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