WTB 968 Coupe, 6 speed, in good driving condition, serviced. Not looking for a show car. Many thanks!

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Ahhh... okay, that's interesting. Here's the last three digits of the VIN: 655.

FWIW, I'm asking $10,000 for the car.

Bob Kovacs


Okay, in addition I can tell you your 93 is:

#1,244 of 2,234 North American 968 coupes

#595 of 605 1993 NA 968 coupes

1 of 220 F8 Midnight blue coupes (most popular metallic color)

1 of 89  F8 Midnight blue coupes paired with the classic grey interior


Thanks for looking that up!

Bob Kovacs


I finally had some time to get my 968 out of the garage and shoot some photos and videos of it. First, here is a video I made where I walk around the car and take a look at the interior and engine bay:

Bob's 1993 968

YouTube has an odd problem this morning that's not allowing me to add information with the video, but I will tidy up the title and add more information as soon as things are working on YouTube. In the meantime, the video plays fine. It is in 1080p HD, so feel free to look at the video in HD... there's a little oddball item at the end, too.

Bob Kovacs


I have a buyer for my car, so it's no longer for sale. Thank you all for your interest!

Bob Kovacs





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