It looks like the 968 market is still holding strong! A nice 92 968 cab just sold today for $22K. It was in great condition, not perfect. It had been resprayed on the quarters and the left fender but done well. The car was a one owner car, very early production with the very early 968 features (recessed hood, larger rear 968 emblem). It wasn't an unusual car, one 432 black cabs. It is nice to see the cars doing well!!!





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Nice! I hope that means my high mileage car is going up in value. <G>



I just purchased a 1992 968 cab to add to my collection of 2 Euro 928s and a 1987 944.  I have been searching for one of these for a few years.

Can you provide more specifics on the car from the VIN?  I had seen other posts whereas you provided very specific history details.


The VIN is WP0CA2961NS840281


Thanks in advance for your info. I do all of my own restoration work on my cars and plan to attend future 968 events. I am also a PCA member in the STL region



I see the car is a Q9 slate grey silver cab, Here are the details:

#221 of 2,008 North American 968 cabs produced over the 4 year model run.

1 of 47 Q9 Slate grey cabs

1 of 7 Q9 Slate grey cabs with a black top and a light grey/classic grey interior

Options include the metallic paint, partial leather in light/classic grey, and a tiptronic tranny

You car is also an early 968. I believe the build date is october 1991 (found on driver's door jam VIN sticker). It should have the early 968 features such as the recessed hood and the larger edged rear emblem.

Since you are a PCA member don't forget to join the PCA 968 register.




Thanks for the prompt response and valuable info. I am in the process of sourcing a CS steering wheel for my car. Any recommendations?  I believe that it is a bolt on and requires the resistor bypass of airbag.

Hope to see you at an event. Where do you live?


I am in CT and I saw a brand new CS steering wheel for sale on craigslist in MA last week.


If you are near PA i suggested the hershey swap in late april. We usually get a good number of 968s to attend.



In ref to the Mecum sale, best I can tell it had about 50,000 miles on it.  Did you see or found out the miles?


Here are the details:

  • The car is part of the "Lingenfelter collection", the company that builds the crazy HP corvettes. It was 1 of a number of cars he brought.
  • He is the original owner so it is a one owner car.
  • It is a very early car (9/91 build), #25 out of 2,008 cabs. Options include dual full power seats, hi-fi sound with amps, partial leather.
  • It has all the original early car features like the recessed hood and edged rear badges.
  • The car was well cared for and it shows.
  • Interior was mint.
  • Exterior very nice, the front left fender and both quarters were resprayed, pretty nice job, not perfect, no sign of bodywork in my eyes so it must have been scratches. Body was very clean.
  • All maintenance including a recent timing belt job.
  • Shows 67K miles.
  • the only negatives I saw was the missing gloves in the engine compartments and the rubber coming out on the rear bumper


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