My 92 ran perfect and all of the sudden will start and dies after about 30 seconds. It will not start again for 15 minutes for more.  Any ideas?

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Sounds like a fuel issue.
When was the last time the fuel filter and check valve was changed?
Have you checked the pressure? Fuel pressure regulator could have gone bad, or maybe the vacuum line is disconnected(don't think that would shut the car down) from the FPR.
Fuel pump could be going bad, fuel injectors dirty..clogged.

Thanks, I will give them a look.

As a very quick troubleshooting test, swap out your DME relay. It would be a shame to do anything complicated if that is the problem.

Hello, As mentioned above the DME Relay is a likely cause of your problem. The below link will tell how to check it and make a temperary jumper wire.







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