Any thoughts or advice on painting a '93 968 which I bought off the lot in '94 at Porsche Flemington, New Jersey. A year after I purchased the car, it started to peal and Porsche ageed to pay for the paint job. I  had the car restored in New York City on the West Side near the Javitts Center two years ago and it is pealing again. Porsche said years ago acid rain had started the whole problem. Thoughts?


Obviously, this is a ra ra site for Porsche. No one seems to be able to discuss problems with Porsche vehicles. Why???????????????

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Obviously they didn't do a correct paint job.
The car needs to be really well treated before painted. stripped of any additional parts, rubbers, sanded, etc.
Makes it quite expensive.
Take in account that a repaint jobb will never be as good as the original paint, since the paint dries and is not baked like the original.
Acid rain = bullshit


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