I've been thinking about adding a subwoofer to the 968 to give the audio a bit more fullness. I don't want a stoplight thumper, just something that will add bass to the far-too-small speakers in the door. Ideally, a small powered subwoofer unit under the seat is what I want. On Amazon, there's a cheapo unit made by Boss for less-than $100... you can see it here:


I don't know if I want something THAT cheap but that's the sort of thing I'm considering. Does anyone have experience with such a thing?


Bob Kovacs

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The PO of my car built an 8 in subwoofer box that fits in the spare tire well and does round out the sound quite well... I've had to tune it down so a 6 in would probably also be fine...
i just installled an amp, new head and subwoofer in my 968. The audio car was quite creative, the subwoofer went in one of my cubby holes and was placed on the shelf covered by an acousic carpet, invisible to the naked eye. I have a convertible and took a car trip, the sound was ridicuously brilliant. Total $1200
Lorna, I'd love to see a picture of this. That is exactly what I'm thinking about doing.
I will have time during the next couple of days to take pics. The subwoofer is in the cubby, hidden under the shelf carpeting and the amp is in the left trunk wheel well beside the XM satellite unit.
My car's PO installed a Kenwood amp in the right trunk well, and mounted a Bazooka sub behind the rear seat back. It only gets in the way when I need to expand the trunk space by folding down the seats, but it's easy to move the Bazooka out of the way.

On my list of rainy-day mods is replacing the rear seats with a parcel shelf from a cab, then building a sub into one of the storage compartments.

Good luck with your project, Bob. Please let us know what direction you go, and how it turns out.
I have enjoyed my hidden sub from http://www.klaindustries.net/
Hi Bob,

I know what you mean about the lack of bass with the stock speakers. I don't know much about this, but the customer reviews for it make it look pretty darn good.

I actually upgraded the speakers in the door, which is pretty easy to do if you go for speakers that are the same size. I looked hard at figuring out a way to put bigger speakers in the door but just couldn't find something with a shallow enough depth. (At one of the 968 gatherings, there was someone who did install larger speakers in the door... now I wish I knew what he used.)

Monte, you mention customer reviews for a product... which product is that?

Perhaps this weekend, I will take the passenger seat out and determine exactly the size of the space there. Several companies make small flat subwoofers that just might fit in that space, which would be ideal in the sense that it uses a space that has no other purpose. It should also be a cheap/easy install.

Thank you all for your interesting comments and suggestions so far.

Bob Kovacs
Hi Bob,

On the Amazon site in the link in the first message, there were several customer reviews for the subwoofer and many of them seemed to be very positive.

Ahh... okay, I saw those reviews, too. I'm a little concerned about how cheap that particular subwoofer is, thinking that it might crap out after a couple months. I'd gladly pay another $50-100 for a higher-quality unit, if it actually is higher quality. It's always a crapshoot, thought.

Bob Kovacs
That's a good point, Bob. I tend to look at reviews by users and they weigh my purchases quite a bit. There are times, though, when you can tell that a company has had its employees write reviews for a product. You're sure right about it being a crap shoot. One good thing about Amazon is it has a decent return policy.
Kenwood makes a decent small one, I had the previous (lower power) version in another car and it was pretty good. Here is one on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140427207489

That would probably fit in a number of spots in the cargo area. I will probably get one after I replace my HU, eventually...

I had an Infinity Basslink in yet another car and this was a great piece of equipment. It is significantly larger and more expensive, but I cannot think of a good place to put it in a 968 that would be "hidden."


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