I've been thinking about adding a subwoofer to the 968 to give the audio a bit more fullness. I don't want a stoplight thumper, just something that will add bass to the far-too-small speakers in the door. Ideally, a small powered subwoofer unit under the seat is what I want. On Amazon, there's a cheapo unit made by Boss for less-than $100... you can see it here:


I don't know if I want something THAT cheap but that's the sort of thing I'm considering. Does anyone have experience with such a thing?


Bob Kovacs

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I found these 4"x6" http://www.crutchfield.com/p_068R463N/RetroSound-R-463N.html?tp=100

and 4" http://www.crutchfield.com/p_068R452N/RetroSound-R-452N.html?tp=102...nd|Retrosound

and this little power pack http://www.crutchfield.com/p_500KTP445/Alpine-KTP-445-Power-Pack.ht...

The speakers should be here this week and I will update on how it sounds with the Alpine head unit and the  KTP-445 power pack.

Lorna here, with the photo's of my subwoofer addition to my back shelf.The $1200 I paid included a new stereo head, 6 inch woofer and the amp, plus of course the installation. The 3rd pic shows the amp placement in back wheel well beside the XM satellite box.
That is awesome!

Hi Lorna,

That's really cool! Could you please post a pic of your engine bay. I'm also trying to add a sub woofer but can't find a suitable place to port the amplifier cable to the battery.

Hmm not quite sure where I would be taking the photo! I will take a look.

Hi Lorna,

Never mind, I figured it out. I had to take out a lot of stuff to see what was going on! I took out the glove box among other things... (I was trying to solve a different problem.)

There are two holes through the firewall that have other wires going through them. I led the amp wire through the hole closest to the door, which was behind the air pipe. You can also see a small pilot hole I drilled with a dremel... I got impatient... haste makes waste... :( I'll get some metal epoxy and seal that hole tomorrow.

Here is what it looks like coming out the other side.

There is a rust hole straight through my battery bay, which has collected rain water as you can see... Does anybody know what I can do to seal the hole? I'm thinking grind away the paint and weld new metal on top, then repaint? The passenger foot well gets wet when it rains.

I have a 1993 968, and I discovered in 2000 that the bottom of the battery well was all rotted out. I mentioned this to several other 968 owners and all said that they had not seen any problems. I thought about writing the repair up as an Excellence article, but dropped the idea when no other owners reported the problem.


In any event, I had an excellent solution that has worked perfectly since I repaired my car in 2000. I ground and sanded out all the rust. Then painted the entire battery well with POR-15 paint (http://www.por15.com/POR-15-Rust-Preventive-Paint/products/1/). With the paint still wet, I covered the surface with Fiberglas cloth, the same stuff you get in a Fiberglas body repair kit. I then liberally coated the cloth with the POR-15 paint. When dry, this was a stiff, solid surface there has not been a speck of rust since. You have to be careful not to plug any drain holes, or else water will back up and drain into the heater.


I got the POR-15 paint from Eastman... a quart is WAY more than enough to do the job. I still have most of the can.


Hope that helps!


Bob Kovacs


Thanks Bob, I'll definitely consider this. I was also thinking of taking a real short cut with Pratley epoxy putty... Thanks

Bob, (and anyone else interested, as this comes up a lot) I installed a thin profile Lanzar, about $100 on eBay. I put it under the carpet in the passenger footwell and you can't even tell it's there unless you're a 968 owner. It sounds fantastic and at the same time it isn't a red light attention getter, if you know what I mean. Details on 968forums at link below. It only took about an hour to install, IIRC, and because the carpet pulls right back for access to the DME, it didn't require too much cursing or contortionism.


Thanks! I never did do this, possibly because I seldom drive the 968. I will check this out, however... there's no question that the low-end need more oomph in the 968.

Bob Kovacs



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