I've been thinking about upgrades to our cars that might be interesting, though impossible. For instance, I have been wondering how hard it would be to put a Boxter/Caymen or Boxter/Caymen S engine in our great cars. With the tranny in the back and a torque tube, is putting a different engine in a 968 impossible? (I saw the video about the buy who put a (I think) Corvette engine in a 968. (He put it up for sale.)

Then, I'm wondering about replacing the flip-up headlights with a 911-style set of headlights or HID headlamps that are set and don't flip up.

Anybody have any other thoughts about what you might find interesting or the practicality of such changes?


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Monte, there is a company that sells conversion kits to put V-8's in 944's and 968's. The stock final drive gearing is a bit high for a V-8 street car IMHO.
Boxter or caymen engine? Aren't those flat 4 or 6 engines? I don't even know anything about those cars to tell the truth. If tjey are though, would be tough.
Headlights...lots of discussion on other forums.
The 993 has a similar fender shape and I thought the headlights would be an easy swap, but the angle is different and some sheetmetal work is needed. Has been done though.
Some people have brought up using HID bulbs and fabricating a headlight cover. Sounds interesting. In fact, while at mall today, checked out this bike on display that had HID headlights


You're right. Those Cayman engines are the flat 6 in differing sizes depending on whether you have the S. I am not even sure they pack any more horsepower than what we have in our cars, now. The headlight thing sounds very interesting. Is the discussion here? That might be worth checking out. 

I ran into a guy a few days ago, who thought my 968 was a new Porsche model. He was raving about the looks. Most people do when they see the car, which is really neat.

Do you have any experience fixing cruise control or rear wipers? <BIG GRIN> Any advice on troubleshooting them? I've had numerous problems with the rear wiper. The cruise control ran great when I first got the car but has stopped working now. 

Cruise control will not work if a brake light bulb is burnt out. Also if you change to LEDbulbs. Cruise computer needs to know there is a bulb there and LED bulbs have no resistance.
If not the bulb, then check ClarksGarage.com for more ideas.
Headlights. Try Rennlist or Pelican forums for threads on that.
I do remember some pics and the name of a company that was doing the conversions was on the threakds.
Now, the wiper motor. Make sure fuse is good of course.
With mine, it was a mechanical problem. I had power to the motor, but it would not move. I would see the arm jump just a bit then stop.l
I happened to run across a thread about this. Don't ask where, I don't remember.
It involved drilling thespots that hold the back cover on, and resecuring the shaft the gears ride on. Then using self tapping screws or rivets to hold the cover.
If you take that route then make sure you clean and re-lube the internals.

Thanks Ken. As always. I owe ya. I'll let you know how things turn out with this. Did you have any ideas of things you thought might be interesting for the 968? I almost hate to think about changing a classic, though. This car is so darned beautiful as it is.

The only thing I do not like is when the headlights are up.
Otherwise I would leave it alone.

Headlights are only up when it is, um, dark. :)

LML you are a genius!


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