1995 Porsche 968 cabriolet in white for sale. She over heated and the resulting damage includes needing a new timing belt, water pump and repair to the #2 cylinder. 4 brand new wheels and body in great condition. $4,000 or best offer.

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Sorry to hear about the damage, I've been there before and know its not fun.  For any prospective buyers is the car a manual or tiptronic?  Whats the mileage?  Do you know what build options it has?  Good luck with the sale.


Thanks Daniel, you are right those details would be helpful. It is a stick, really cant understand someone having this type of a car and having it be an automatic :-) It has 179,000 on the clock. Will get the rest of the details as I have no idea, I bought her as she was pretty and drove like a sweetie :)

The quote to rehab your motor was probably pretty high, if you wanted to keep her you could probably transplant a lower mileage motor and do the timing belt for around $5,000.  There's a 58,000 mile motor on ebay for $2,500 right now; sometimes they go for less.


P.S. I was doing a google search for 968s earlier today and saw pictures of your car here:



Wow Daniel the link to the write up of my car was awesome!!! Thanks so much for that. In the process of writing up my info for sale of car :)

Hi Lorna,


If your vehicle is still for sale can you PM me your contact information?  I've got a white cab currently and think it might be fun for me folks to have one as well.


Thanks, Dan


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