PITOU - This one is for you.


Woke up, got outa bed - dragged a comb across my head - suddenly someone spoke & I went into a dream La, la la la - Godd morning , good morning ya.


62 k is on the clock of the twin RAISIN. - I have the Mich/Pilot sport in the attic, the slotted rotors, timing belt etc. and after the 18th of this month they take the metal out of my thyroid and see if I have the Metyle to deal with the Metal  (Is that right?) .....


Once a month, I have taken the old girl (VIN 0068) and have gone to Babara Weavers house down the Street. She & he husband George started the SCCA back in the 30's.


Very tired now at 1146hrs. - do you wish me to continue??


No place like home - No place like home-- Help me Mr WIZARD>>>>>>>>!!!!!!






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