I have a 93 porsche 968 , just recently I have a problem when I release the clutch pedal slowly , i hear a grinding sound. But once its engaged and going there is no problem at all. If I downshift and release the pedal it does the same thing. This is through every gear. I took it to the place that installed my clutch a year ago and they adjusted my pedal but never checked my clutch. which upset me since I have a 3 year unlimited milage warrenty. They said I never told them bout the grinding sound, I only mentioned it, was somewhat difficult to get the clutch to catch and I had a bad clutch smell coming in the cabin. . I immidiatly took it to porsche of colorado springs and the, service manager took itout as a favor for me and without putting it up in the air ,he gave me his opinion after driving it. He said that it could be something simple. But the thing that threw him off was it vibrated towards the rear but he wasnt sure if it was actually from the gear box (i think thats what's back there ) or just vibratng from the front traveling back. I have an appt with them monday for a better look. I just need help if anyone else experienced this.

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It will cost a lot for the Porsche dealership to look around for a fix for a noise.
Do you actually hear it or do you feel it? Is from the clutch pedal area inside the car, or from underneath, where the mechanicals of the clutch itself are?
It could be...1. The bushings at the clutch pedal pivot point under the dash.
2. The clevis and connecting pin that hooks the pedal to the master cylinder.
3. The throwout bearing.
4. The bearings in the actuator arm.
I would take it back to the place that installed the clutch, make them listen to your description and have them find out what it could be.
Thanks Ken, I can actually feel the pedal somewhat vibrate underneath my foot as I slowly relase it. But the grinding noise sounds like its coming from the rear. I have had issues with the company who installed it previously with other work they have done on my car. The biggest issue is I have had all the work done on my car at once and most of it had warrenty on it. So im almost locked into taking it back to them. Unfortunatly they had my car this whole week knowing the issue,but returned it to me with it not fixed. Reason being , the mechanic said to me "whos gonna pay for the labor of me taking it apart?" So in my eyes they are a shabby shop that I will have to take to court, because if they dont want to honor their warrenty and would rather return my car to me not fixed. I dont need to take it back to them
The transaxle is in the rear, the clutch is just behind the engine.
I am going to guess this only happens when the engine is turning over.
There is also the possibility of the torque tube bearings, seems to be an issue withpeople on the other forums lately. Now I am just waiting for mine to go. Seems to be my luck, when things start happening to others, I catch it also.
I replaced my clutch myself. There was an odd smell which was the clutch plate that had delaminated and put out the smell.
Too bad the shop is not cooperating. I just hope this does not end up being a catastrophe.
Just to make sure, try the pedal with engine off and try to notice any noise.
Let us know whay the results are and the fix.
If there is a strong smell and vibration from under the car, then it's your clutch, specifically your friction disc which is the only part "down there" that can make that smell. There are a few failures that can cause it to slip and smell, but not many. It is a simple mechanism.

Your clutch wear can be gauged from under the car with no labor whatsoever, in seconds, so if they won't even do that you need to take your car somewhere else, anywhere else, regardless of the now worthless warranty they gave you. I've been in that same trap, and the only remedy is to find someone reputable, which may or may not be the dealer in your area.

You can find the simple clutch wear measurement method with Google.
Thank you for the input. That gives me better insight on the difficulty of checking my clutch. I deffinatly will look into this. The fact of the simplicity of checking the wear on my clutch being so simple, it actually upsets me even more about their shabby work


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