Help! My 92 Tiptronic doesn't move after replacing the rubber damper. :(

Hi, I hope some one can give me some pointers here.

in July 2011 the rubber damper in my car broke.  the car sat for about 10 months. the i finally started to replace the damper. i did not finish the project that  summer due to many other projects. anyway I finished yesterday may 16, 2013

I boosted the car and tun on right away. but when i tried to put in in gear, the shifter moved, the dash showed the proper gear selection, the lever attached to the trans-axle moved also, but i felt like nothing was happening inside the trans-axle. so the car did not move not even jerk a little or make a funny noise.

any ideas?

I am going to check the ATF, I hope that the level is low and filling it will fix the problem. otherwise I have no Idea.

What kind of ATF?? Dextron III??

Thank you


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I replaced the damper last year on my '94. You need to make sure the fluid is at the correct level first, as you stated. The Tip is very sensitive to fluid level, not too much or it will foam, too little and it will not engage properly. I thought I had a problem soon after I bought the car in '08, but it was just a little low on fluid causing a hesitation and jerk before engaging.

Use Dextron 3 or 4. The manual says 3 because 4 was not around in '92.

You need to make sure the couplers are fully engaged at both ends of the driveshaft, and of course all bolts are in place and torqued at the flexplate and the torque converter.

Good luck!  Ken


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