My hood latch is not working and the battery is dead. I need to get under hood to be able to jump start the car. Please help me!

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Hi Angela,

Did anyone help you with this? It may be necessary for you to have the car towed. The cable to the hood release may be broken. You know that the hood release is under the dash on the driver's side and that you have to pull it back to pop the hood?


Yes I did fix myself. The cable has too much slack in it. I disassembled the Latch mechanism and was able to pull it open. thank you for responding though. I love this web site.

Good job, Angela. I may have to ask you for some tips the next time I work on my car. <G>


You should have an emergency release wire under the front bumper Its a pain in the a@@ to get to if you can't locate it through the front mesh as you have to remove the lower bar wing to get to it. Pull it and the hood will open. The same with the trunk you may have a release for it. Open the drivers door and remove the black vent cover on the rear and look for a small wire with a loop on it and it will open the trunk.


You have to remove the signal lens to access the emerg. hood release cable. Drivers side IIRC.

Angela that is why I sent a friend request with attached msg.


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