How much would you guys pay for this 968? w/rebuilt engine

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I got $8,250 for my '95 coupe w/ LSD and 118k miles.  Had 10k miles and 8 years since major $6k rebuild.  Compression showed just over 200psi in each cylinder.   

that sounds like a more realistic number, especially considering this one is a 92. Could one make the claim that a rebuilt engine is superior than an original one with lots of miles? Is yours 6 speed btw? thanks!

All 968s produced were equipped with 6 speeds gearboxes. No exception.

???? No so, almost 30% of the North American 968 cabs and almost 20% of the 968 coupes were produced with tiptronic automatic transmissions.

You're right, Jeff, I was speaking of manual gearboxes. These ones always had 6 speeds.

Gotcha, if you were going to get a manual, it was going to be a 6 speed, (no 5 speeds).


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