When I click on the forum tab above and each category is displayed, the values next to them for the number of discussions in each category appears to be wrong.  For example, it says there are 2 discussions in General Tech and 2 discussions in Introductions, but there are actually 8 or 9 discussions in each of those which kept me from opening any categories because I didn't know there were new discussions posted.

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Hi Trevor,

After digging around the Help section, it seems this isn't a bug, it's a "feature." The fix is to rest the forum home page, which I did. It seems the number of threads are accurately reported now. I'll monitor the counts and bounce the page again if necessary, but other network creators have shared that once should be enough to fix it.

Keep your fingers crossed...

It looks like they are out of sync again.
Yup... and fixed again. At least this bug is consistent. :-)


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