I posted this over on Rennlist and got no useful responses...  Thought maybe I would try here!  So my '94 has a decently steady idle...the only problem is that it idles
between 650-700 rpm...

So far, I've checked all vacuum hoses, the intake boot, spark plug
cables, and added a new air filter. Any ideas what else could cause
such a low idle?

Thanks for your responses!


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If everything esle is checking out ok, its possible that you need to run teh system adaptation for the ECU, using a Bosch Hammer or JDS Spanner tool. It basically recalibrates the airflow for the ECU. I had a similar issue a while back (altho it was idling at 750rpms or so) and doing the system adaptation adjusted my idle up to spec.

If you are anywhere near the KC area, drop by and I can take care of it for you, as I have a JDS Spanner and access to a Durametrics set up.

Regards, ...Scott

Thanks for the reply! I didn't realize this was possible using the Hammer... I will be taking the car in and having it checked out after I've rechecked everything that could affect the idle! By the way, would disconnecting the battery do a reset as well?

I am near SF on the Left Coast, so it would a hell of a drop by... although as a kid we lived in Parkville for about 5 years in the 50's! Parkville had about 1000 residents and wooden sidewalks...

Thanks again!

It won't reset by disconnecting the battery cables, as its an actual measurement of airflow over the sensors. By the way, be prepared to explain to the mechanic what you need, as most of them have no idea that the Hammer does this on a 968. Have them refer to page 03-23 of the FSM, under Section Heading 3.4 System Adaptation.

Let me know if you ever drop by the area to visit, first beer is on me! :)

Regards, ...Scott


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